Workout Chart

Creating and using a workout chart is an important part of helping you achieve your weight loss goals.  Similar to the charting process I discussed with you regarding tracking your weight loss, you have to track your workouts to help you continue to grow your fat burning muscles mass. 

It is important to not just lift weights, but to add intensity to your workout every day that you do it.  Intensity can be added in three ways:  More repetitions (reps) with the same amount of weight, more weight with the same number of repetitions per set or less rest between sets. 

When I select a group of exercises, I will do them for approximately six weeks using the same number of sets and reps for the entire six weeks.  When I can accomplish all the sets and reps of any exercise, I add weight the next time I do that exercise; usually the following week.  That is the most common method of adding intensity in the short-term.  Since I can't remember all those numbers, I use a workout chart to keep me organized.

How To Use A Workout Chart

The concept behind using a workout chart is really pretty simple.  It's all about tracking the exercises you do & when you do them.  Along with that you want to track the number of sets, and reps in each set and the amount of weight that you used today.  As you change sets, reps or weight you simply record the new figures.  With all this data, you can begin to see your progress.

I have found that I like to use a simple piece of notebook paper with a pencil and eraser.  When I finish an exercise, I just record what I accomplished.  If I want to use more weight next time, I change it today so that I know what to use next time.  I don't like to think when I am lifting; just get right after it!  I suggest trying different methods to see what works best for you. 

Printable Charts - Here is a very simple, straight forward chart that you can download and print.  It is pretty self-explanatory.  Print out as many as you need.  Over time, you will either have a whole stack of them, or just use my pencil & eraser method to save a tree :)

An Old Chart - This is a chart that I printed and have copied many, many times.  It came from Lee Labrada's Lean Body Promise when I first bought it.  I can't find the original on his website, but I suspect it is on there somewhere.  Print this one, if you like.

It's been said, "If it can be measured, it can be improved."  By tracking your workouts, you are measuring them.  Watch your improvement right before your eyes every time you increase the weight on an exercise.  Celebrate and keep on lifting

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