Weight Loss Tools

There are a number of weight loss tools available to you to assist in staying on track as you change from fat to fit. 

Remember, this is an ever-evolving lifestyle change for you.  It is going to take time to achieve your goals.  There is a lot of stick-to-it-ivness required to make such a change in your nutritional and exercise programs.  The longer you have been overweight and out of shape, the longer this journey will likely be.

Luckily, you have your support structure, your friends at www.NewLeanerYou.com and an abundance of tools to keep you on the right track.

Old-School Weight Loss Tools

The way I look at weight loss tools, there are two types:  Tools that you can pick up and put in your hands (old-school) and tools that abound on the internet (e-tools).

In this section I will discuss just a few of the available hands-on tools.  

On several other pages; particularly in the Diet Program section of this site; I have mentioned my go-to publication for weight loss.  This book talks about proper nutrition, hydration, weight training and much more.  If you want a single book to carry with you when you don't have access to this website, it's The Lean Body Promise by Lee Labrada.   As a professional body builder and business man, he has all the credentials for you to trust his advice.   Perhaps you will find him "over the top" compared to your modest goals.  That is up to you to judge.  Still, a valuable tool.  I'll put it this way....the book helped me.

Another tool that can be useful, if not a bit embarrassing, is a fat caliper.  If you want to accurately measure your body fat percentage, you will need one of these.  While not for everybody (I do have one), they can help you chart your progress.  There are several types as you can see below.  It depends on your budget and desire to be really old school or have some technology built in.  You can shop for them here.

Of course, there are other weight loss tools you can, and should, get your hands on such as a scale (don't obsess with one daily), various pieces of exercise equipment (dumb bells, a weight bench, battle ropes, resistance bands, a chin-up bar, kettle bells, etc. )or a gym membership, a calorie calculator and a shaker bottle for mixing protein drinks just to name a few.   Remember, losing weight permanently does not have to be an expensive ordeal.  In fact, it will save you money in the long run as your health improves.   Make your plan based on what makes the most sense for you as you go through this web site.  Then, get the physical tools you truly need and skip the ones you don't.

E-Weight Loss Tools

As with just about any topic you can think of, there is a ton of information available on the web.  You used the web to find your way here, didn't you?  I've tried to assemble a few really useful weight loss tool links that will expedite the creation of your weight loss program.  I think you will find them helpful and informative. 

Body Mass Index (BMI) - BMI is a tool that doctors typically use to determine if we are overweight or not.  Now, just let me say this, I think the tool is way over-used and too much trust is put into it by the medical community.  If you have any kind of muscle mass, it's going to tell you that you're overweight (muscle is more dense than fat).  Still, it can be a useful tool.  Remember it's tool, not a rule.  Check one out here.

Body Fat Calculator - This tool will give you an estimate of your body fat %.  A caliper, as discussed above, will be much more precise. 

Ideal Body Weight Calculator - Similar to BMI, this tool is a bit arbitrary.  Having said that, I like it for use in setting your initial goals as discussed on the Home page.  Click here to give it a try.

There are other tools that I will discuss on supporting pages.

Suffice it to say, all of the these tools can be useful.   However, I don't want you to obsess over the results created by any of them.   In the final analysis, what really matters is how YOU want to look and feel versus how you look and feel right now.  Focus on that and use these tools as sources of information only.  Please don't use them as rigid rules.  That will only leave you disappointed.  This is what I meant on the Home page when I discussed creating a plan that matches your age and fitness level.  No one-size-fits-all plan exists.   There are too many variables for each one of us.  My goal is to give you enough information to create your goals, develop and execute your plan and create the new lifestyle that will help you keep you where you want to be.

Keep reading.  I'll see you on another page.

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