Weight Loss Goals

As I noted on the Home page of this site, setting weight loss goals along with gaining buy-in from your support structure are critical first steps when embarking on a weight loss program.  Why set goals?  Having goals is the best way to determine if you are being successful in your efforts.  This is true for any of life's endeavors.  Whether it be in your career, saving for retirement or losing weight, you won't know if you are "getting there" if you don't have a destination.  Setting goals is like picking a vacation destination. 

The Journey to Your Weight Loss Goals

Similar to planning a vacation, your weight loss journey has to have a destination; your weight loss goals.  Of course, this journey will be no vacation.  It will take work and change.  However, while a vacation would be more fun, when it's over you go back to where you came from.  With your weight loss journey, reaching your goals keeps you from going back to where you came from.  Isn't that why you have been reading this site?

If you follow the advice on the many pages of this site, you will leave behind that  of which you are wanting to rid yourself:  excess fat, an unhealthy lifestyle, a lack of energy....whatever it is.

With that said, a long journey starts with a single step.  That first step is to name what it is you want to change.  What brought you to this website at this time in your life?  Take out a pencil & a piece of paper right now.  I'll wait.  

Write the words: "What I want to change" and underline it.  On the line below, answer that statement.  Perhaps it's something physical like your waistline, your weight or flabby arms.  Maybe you want to change the fact that it's exhausting to walk up stairs or to the mailbox.  Maybe you can't mow the lawn and are tired of having to pay someone else to do it.  Anything!  There can be more than one thing you write down.  There is no wrong answer.  It's between you and the piece of paper.

Step two is to quantify what that change looks and feels like.  Perhaps it is your target weight, or your new waist measurement or how many steps you can climb before needing a rest.  Maybe it is being able to mow the full lawn without stopping.  The key is to make this measurable.  Make it reasonable.  Set time frames.  Don't say that you want to be able to run a marathon in 3 weeks time.  That isn't reasonable unless you are already very fit and have been training. 

Step three is to define your process.  This is where the lifestyle changes discussed here on NewLeanerYou.com come into play.  Don't just go out and buy the latest  celebrity-endorsed program.  Use what I've written about to change your nutrition.  Create a fitness program and commit to how often you will workout each week.  Track your workouts to watch them progress. 

Step four...get started....NOW!

Step five will be when you reach these goals.  Write new goals and keep going.  When you get to a point where you want to be for the rest of your life, create a plan using what you have learned here too keep you at your "new place."  I will have some help for you in the Weight Loss Management section (once it is written).

Along with tracking your weight, you will also want to keep track of your weight training progress.  This will go hand-in-hand with your progress toward your goals.  Check out this page for more on that topic.

Final Thoughts on Weight Loss Goals

Setting reasonable, measurable and personal weight loss goals is the critical starting place for your weight loss program.  Check out this link from our friends at the Mayo Clinic for more on goal setting. 

Follow the steps listed above.  If you happen to share the Christian faith with me (or are interested in it), I have provided some extra guidance that will help you, too.   Use the resources provide on NewLeanerYou.com  and make it happen.  Click other pages on this site for more goal setting advice.

The time is now for you to take action!

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