Weight Bench

Having a weight bench at your disposal will make your strength training program a whole lot more successful.  It's a critical tool if you plan to work out at home instead of getting a gym membership.  Personally, I found that having the right tools at home was more cost-effective and convenient compared to belonging to a gym.

Using A Weight Bench

Whether you have a fully-outfitted weight bench like the upper image our a simple flat bench as shown directly above, having one is critical to effectively performing your strength training routines. 

If you are just getting started and are only planning to use your body mass as weight, a flat bench can be an ample beginner's piece of equipment.   You can use this type of bench for all kinds of upper body exercises: 

  • Bench dips
  • Elevating your feet while doing crunches
  • Sitting on it while doing various dumb bell exercises like curls, triceps curls, butterflies and rowing; just to name a few.
  • Use it as a stabilizer as you start out doing lunges or body-weight squats.
  • Use it for pushups if doing them on the floor is too difficult to begin with.
  • Leg and knee lifts.

Here is a link to over 75 flat bench exercises.  Some of them require additional equipment, but many use just you and the bench; nothing else.  They are a great way to get started without spending a ton of money.

As you get stronger and find that your shrinking body mass (you will be losing weight, remember?) no longer challenges you, you will want to graduate to a more fully-outfitted bench.  This one will, at a minimum, have a barbell standard and will have an incline feature.  Another feature that I really like is a leg attachment to use in focusing on the various leg muscles.  They are the largest muscles and burn the most fat, so don't neglect them.

Having a bench like the top image shown above gives you the ability to do barbell bench press, seated press, various inclined exercises and a host of exercises using more weight than dumb bells can give you.   You can also add variety to the  exercises that you do on the flat bench.  In doing so, you refresh the mental side of your workout as well as challenge your muscles in a new way.  Both are very good for you.

Bench Pricing

It's a true statement, when it comes to weight benches, that you get what you pay for.  If you spend $70, you will get a very basic bench.  It will probably be pretty flimsy.  Since you are putting your body and, eventually, additional weight on it, you need to buy one that will hold you easily.  You can spend $1,000, if you want.  However, you can get a really solid unit for $350 to $500.  Also, stores like Play-it-Again Sports, have used equipment that will serve you well.  Shop around.  Lay on them and see how solid they feel.   Solid is a good thing!

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