Tips For Weight Loss

I want to include some quick tips for weight loss that may answer some questions that pop into your head.  In addition, over the last 40 + years, I have found some things that can be done when you can't follow the program to the letter.  You will find these on this page and on various pages that follow.

Some of the tips contained herein will be quick reminders of what I have shared with you throughout this site.  I will periodically add more as things come to mind or as you send me questions.

Reminder Tips for Weight Loss

In case you forget something that you read elsewhere on this site (there are a lot of pages to remember, so it's OK if you forget some details), here are some quick reminders.

  1. It's about muscle gain and fat loss.
  2. Eat 5 meals each day.
  3. Have 1 cheat meal per week.
  4. Don't weigh/measure yourself every day.  Weekly is plenty.
  5. You will stumble.  Get back up.  Be persistent.
  6. Balanced nutrition: Lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats.
  7. Sugar is the enemy.
  8. Weight-train more, run less.  Use good form.
  9. Set Goals.
  10. Measure progress.
  11. Commit to changing your lifestyle.
  12. Drink water.
  13. Regularly change-up your workout.
  14. You are NOT alone.
  15. Understand fat loss vs weight loss

Overcoming Obstacles

The biggest obstacle you will have in changing your lifestyle and losing the weight you want to lose is between your ears.  That's right, God gave you a body that can adapt to and overcome an abundance of things.  It's your head that you have to get under control.  It will tell you how tired you are and how hungry you are.  It's up to you what step you take when you receive that negative feedback. 

Your head will read stories in the news about how it's OK to be fat.  For a few of you, there may not be much choice due to health issues beyond your control.  If that is you, I pray that your medical team will find the cure that you need.  For the rest of you, you know deep down inside that your head is wrong.  It's not healthy to be fat.  It's terrible for your body.  It will shorten your life.  Make the decision to overcome your weak mind and take advantage of all the information on this site. 

I'm not going to lie to you (and I haven't anywhere on this site).  This will take commitment, sacrifice and discipline; things many people that you know simply do not have.  But, you do!  If you start to waiver mentally, here are some quotes by one of the greatest coaches of all time, Vince Lombardi, to get you back on track.

Never quit....never surrender.  "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up."

There are more tips for weight loss on these pages.   If you are in need of a 100 pound or greater weight loss, check out this page.  You may want to work out at home.  Check out the tips on doing that here.  Interested in fat loss supplements?  Click the link.  Click here for guidance on natural weight loss.

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