Natural Weight Loss Program

For many people, using a natural weight loss program is very important.  The thought of ingesting products that are not naturally produced is unthinkable to them.  Worse yet, losing weight by taking diet pills is absolutely out of the question.

The good news is that the process that I discuss on this website fits perfectly into the mindset of those people who want to lose weight naturally; those that want to do it right.

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When I talk about natural weight loss programs, I am not referring to drinking lots of peppermint and dandelion tea (although, I'm told it is good for you).  My focus for you on this topic is to eat the right amounts of good, healthy whole foods at proper intervals and frequency.  Second, supplement those foods with high quality supplements when you are too busy to cook.  Third, exercise with a focus on strength training.  Shoot for five (5) workouts per week.  As you age, you may need more rest in some weeks, but get that strength training in!

What are the best foods to eat in order to lose weight naturally?  Vegetables and fruit, of course.  If you don't believe me, check out this article from our friends at WebMD.

Certainly, the more natural, non-preserved nutritional products you can put into your body, the better.   For example, when you are thirsty try a nice glass of ice water instead of a soda.  Looking for a little flavor with your beverage, make yourself a nice glass of iced tea (don't over-do the sugar). 

Now, there has a been a lot of media coverage recently about non-genetically modified food (non-GMO).  I am a long way from being qualified to opine on that topic.   If you feel that is the right move for you; more "natural"; go for it.  I don't personally feel the requirement to eat that way and I feel pretty healthy plus my pocket book is a little fuller after leaving the grocery store.  Do what your gut instinct tells you to do.  That is usually the right move.


In conclusion, losing weight naturally is not that complex.  Just have good discipline about what you put into your body.  Work out regularly and get good sleep without sleep medication.  There are lots of effective tips all over this site.  Have a look and get strong, stay strong and lose weight.

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