Joint and Muscle Pain

Joint and muscle pain are things you should not ignore.  That does not mean they are automatically a bad thing; especially muscle pain.  They are both something you should be aware of and monitor.  On this page, I will try to give you some tips to help you understand how to do that.

Joint and Muscle Pain Causes

Joint pain can be the result of several causes. If it occurs suddenly, joint pain can be due to a mild muscle or ligament sprain, bursitis, or a dislocation. Chronic joint pain (pain that comes and stays for an extended period) can be a symptom of serious and even life-threatening conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, leukemia, or bone cancer. 

Muscle pain is typically caused by over-work or an injury to a specific muscle or a group of muscles.  It can, however, be related to illnesses similar to those listed above.  Only by seeing a doctor can you be sure. 

For gaining an idea on potential joint and muscle pain causes, check out this questionnaire from the Mayo Clinic.

Now, having made that disclaimer, if you have had joint and muscle pain and then you have pain after starting a weight loss fitness program it is very likely that the issue is a result of that change in lifestyle.  This is what I want to address here.

First let me assure you that muscle soreness will absolutely happen.  You are taking muscles that are used to doing very little and suddenly using them the way they were designed to be used.  That's right....our muscles WANT to be used.  Similar to a car that sits for years and has issues when you start it again, your muscles will, too.  The severity of the discomfort will be dictated by how hard you "hit it" out of the gate.  The longer it's been since you worked out, the more gently you should start.  I'd be happy to help you in the planning stages.  Reach out to me at if you want help.

This muscle pain is caused by the build up of lactic acid in the muscles and the creating of tiny tears in muscle tissue.  This is normal.  Large tears will hurt very badly.  That is a different story.  The healing of these tiny tears is part of building the muscle you need to burn fat.  To learn more about this type of muscle pain and how to deal with it, check out my page on exercise pain.

Joint Pain Relief

I have a lot of chronic wrist, elbow and shoulder pain caused by improper lifting technique in my teens.  I just wanted to geek up as much weight as I could instead of doing it right.  Hopefully, this site will help you avoid that fate. 

If you do encounter that type of pain, use ice immediately after your work out for 30 minutes to intercept the inflammation that is going to occur.  I have found that nitrile gloves filled with water and frozen make excellent ice packs.  Secondly, using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication can really help, too.  Using aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen can make all the difference.  For those of you not in the U.S., there are likely others available in your country.  My doctor says that I will pretty much have to live with my situation.  I could have some surgery to "clean out" some of the joints, but he says there are no guarantees. 

If you cannot get relief with these methods, by all means, see your doctor.  You should do so before starting any fitness program anyway.

There are also some homeopathic means available.  I will publish more on that in the future.

In closing, I have really only touched the surface on the issues of joint and muscle pain.  I wanted to create awareness and avoid panic if you hurt.  Start out slowly and build up your endurance to keep the discomfort manageable.  If it gets too bad, see your doctor.  Don't let it scare you off from making the lifestyle changes that you need to make.  I'll see you on another page.

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