Extreme Weight Loss Program

If you are in need of an extreme weight loss program, i.e, you need to loose a significant amount of weight, the program here at Newleaneryou.com can be adapted to help you accomplish that mission. 

To start out, you will have to make a long-term commitment to the process.  Weight lost quickly, usually does not stay off.  If you are wanting to loose some serious weight, my guess is that you want to keep it off, right?  That will start with committing to a permanent lifestyle change.  This page includes some tips to get you started.

Extreme Weight Loss Program Lifestyle

Let me start out by saying that I am celebrating the fact that you are making this major commitment to change your lifestyle.   The past is just that...the past (we all have one).  You are focusing on the future.  I am totally with you on that. 

Does the picture below remind you of the you that you want to put in your past?  Take your own "before" picture to remind yourself of where you no longer want to be.

Here is a quick summary of what the extreme weight loss program lifestyle will look like.  I guarantee it is different than your current lifestyle.

  • You will eat 5 small meals each day.
  • Meals will have good balance between protein, vegetables and healthy fats.
  • You will be lifting weights at least 5 days per week.
  • You won't be doing a lot of isolated cardiovascular exercises.
  • You will set goals....and set new ones when you meet the old ones.
  • Success will be defined by incremental improvements. 
  • You will focus on one workout...one meal...one day at a time.
  • You will have bad days (I do)....but you will get back up and keep going.
  • You will still go to work, take care of your kids & spouse.  
  • You will drink a lot of water to flush out your system.
  • You will weigh yourself once in a while...not every day.
  • You will shed your bad eating habits...and so will your family.
  • You will AMAZE yourself!!!!

How Long Will It Take?

The short answer to that question is, "It's up to you."  Starting an extreme weight loss program could not be a more personal endeavor.  Not that you will be alone (see my discussion of support systems on the home page), but this is up to you.  Making the decision to change your lifestyle and burn off large amounts of fat is one of the toughest parts.  It's also the most important part.  Executing is just the logical response to that decision. The more disciplined you are in following what I have laid out in this website, the faster it will happen. 

YOU....CAN.....DO.....THIS!  Look in the mirror and tell yourself that every day (really, I'm not kidding).  If you are a person of faith, put this on the top of your prayer list.  There is no better partner in this than God, who gave you the body that you are re-committing to caring for. 

Bookmark this website.

Persistence, persistence and more persistence.  You will be tired.  You will be sore.  You will feel hungry, initially, as your body adapts to the new nutrition plan.  All that will subside and soon you won't believe that you lived any other way.  Your strength and stamina will return.  Your clothes will loosen.  One day, you will look down and see your toes.  Remember to save some money for the new clothes you will need :)

You WILL succeed if you can control your mind instead of your mind controlling you.  When you have doubts....open up this website and re-read what you need to do.  Remember, it is a journey; a less traveled road; a journey well worth completing. 

How badly do you want it?  Go and get it!

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