Customized Weight Loss Program

Since each of us is different, don't we all deserve a customized weight loss program?  There are all kinds of programs and diets that we can buy.  Get this DVD or that one and just do the routines along with everyone else and you will look just like them.  That is the implication of their marketing, isn't it? 

The truth is that weight loss and fitness that will last for the remainder of our lives simply does not work that way.  We each have different challenges, abilities, fitness levels and desires.  We each need our own customized weight loss program to make our goals come to fruition.

Customized Weight Loss Program - Get Started

So, you want to make permanent lifestyle changes to help you achieve the weight loss goals you have set for yourself; now what?  It's cliché, but every journey starts with a single step.  Sit down and take that goal sheet that you wrote up and now look inwardly at your physical condition.  Are you in a little bit of shape or woefully out of shape?  Take stock of the foods that are in your house.  Literally throw out anything that does not fit this program.  Now you have established the current state of affairs. 

Now it's time to move forward.  Go to the local bookstore or online and find one or two healthy-eating cookbooks.  Use these to take what you have learned from the nutrition pages of this site and turn those guidelines into meals that you will enjoy eating (customized menus - just for you).  There are also internet resources for menus, as well.

On the strength training side of the equation, we have covered what you need to know on many pages of this site.  There is even a sample workout on the page linked in this paragraph.  All you need to do is get started.  Use the exercises that you are comfortable with and save for later the ones with which you aren't.  You are in charge!  Remember to come back to some of those exercises later.  You want to change your routine every 4-6 weeks to prevent boredom and add muscle confusion. 

Final Thoughts

Just because you want a customized program, you don't have to pay someone a ton of money to create your routines and eating plans for you.  You have come to this time in your life.  Take control of it.  Use what you have learned on this site and just make it happen.  Take that first step.  There is no shame in stumbling; only shame in not starting out.   

At some point, you may get short on ideas for workouts.  I certainly have. has a wealth of training and nutrition ideas on their massive site.  I have used it a number of times to help freshen up my workouts over the past several years. 

Of course, if you still have questions let me know at  I will be happy to help.  If you want ongoing coaching, I can provide that for you at a reasonable fee.  My goal is to make you ultimately self-sufficient.  Nobody can customize your program like you can.

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