Best Fat Loss Supplement

The best fat loss supplement may not be what you think.  In my experience, the best fat loss supplement does not directly cause fat loss.  Instead, it supports your body while you change your lifestyle and burn off your fat the right way:  through proper nutrition and an age-appropriate strength training program.

As you will find elsewhere on this site, I do not support the appetite suppressant fat loss supplements that you see advertised on television and in the fitness magazines.  They create an artificial, short-term environment in your body that is not a permanent solution to your weight loss needs.

Best Fat Loss Supplements - The Truth

The truth is that, because of our busy lifestyles, we pretty much have to use supplements to ensure that we get the proper nutrition while we change our bodies in a permanent way.  The supplements will include things like multivitamins, protein bars and powders, meal replacements and hydration products.

So here is the tip of the day.....supplementing your nutrition is good and, likely, necessary.  Using supplements to lose weight in the short-term (typically with stimulants) is not good

Now, there are new medical solutions that come out every day.  I'm not a doctor, so you'll have to ask him/her about those.  You may have a medical condition that requires you to use these.  If so, this article really is not for you.

With that said, let's spend a little time on some of these.

Protein & Meal Replacement Supplements

I have another page that goes into greater detail on protein and vitamin supplements.  Click here to read that.  I just wanted to say a few words, in summary, about these products.

Ideally, we would always eat 5 small, well-balanced meals every day with one cheat meal per week.  However, if you work long hours and/or have a family to care for and rush off to their numerous activities, all the cooking related to those meals may be too much to ask.  If so, taking a multivitamin is very helpful.  I start my day with one just to cover my bases.

Protein supplements can really ease the stress of getting the proper amount of protein each day without spending hours in the kitchen.  I use them daily.  Meal replacement powders (MRP's) and bars do the same, but contain some vitamins and carbohydrates, also.  These are handy when you are seriously on the go or traveling and your only other option is fast food.  I definitely don't want you to totally rely on MRP's.  Eating whole food is better for a number of reasons.  However, MRP's are good to have around just in case.  We always pack them when traveling.  We don't like to stop much when we travel (we just want to "get there"), so we find them very useful.

Having said all this, there are supplements that can give your body a boost without adding nasty stimulants.  L-carnitine does an excellent job of helping your body's fat burning process be more efficient.  It also helps your energy level during works outs.  It has given me  a better pump, too.  I also recommend drinking green tea.  This natural beverage does a lot of good things for your body including giving you energy.  The polyphenols found in green tea have been relied on for centuries to provide a natural metabolism boost for hunters and gatherers.

In short, use supplements that support your weight/fat loss efforts.  Don't use the ones that are the primary source of fat loss.  Eat right.  Exercise right.  Use the supplements as tools to help you reach your goals.

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