Battle Ropes

Using battle ropes as part of your weight loss program will give you an efficient full-body workout that burns fat, and builds strength in your core, hands and entire body.  It also improves balance.   It is one of the latest pieces of equipment available to help you lose weight.  But, being new doesn't guarantee that something actually works, right?   That is often true.  But trust me....these REALLY work.

What Are Battle Ropes?

These ropes come in various lengths (20, 40 or 50 feet,  usually) and are between one and two inches in diameter.  They are made of polyester and dacron (poly-dac) with handles glued onto the ends of the rope.

To use it, the rope is wrapped around a pole, tree, weight bench leg or is run through a ring mounted to a wall.  The weight of the rope and it's length act as resistance as you perform various movements while holding one end of the rope in each hand. 

Using Battle Ropes

Once you have a grip on each end of the rope, put your body into an athletic position (knees bent, head up, back straight) and pull the rope almost taught.  Lean back and begin whipping, slamming, circling or waving the rope as described in the exercises (more on that later). 

The key is to put forth maximum effort for as long as you can.  The first time I used my rope, I lasted about 20 seconds before stopping that particular exercise.  Several exercises and 12 minutes later, I was dizzy and ready to vomit.  It's intense, but don't let it scare you.  After a few workouts, you will adapt and look forward to it.  

For me, the beauty of the rope as a fitness tool, is its efficiency and the low impact nature.  As a person over 50 who has been lifting weights for 40 years, my joints simply could not take using barbells and dumb bells any more.  I would take more days off due to joint soreness than I spent lifting; not an effective strategy.  Once I found the battle rope, my workout frequency went way up as did the effectiveness. 

A year and a half since starting with my rope and I am leaner than I've been in 10 years.

Battle Rope Exercises

It's really hard to write up a "how to" article on using these terrific pieces of equipment.  The best way to learn how to use them is to watch videos.  My rope came with a DVD, but You Tube has dozens of videos from which to learn.  Watch them, pick the ones you want to try and go work out.  Add/delete as you want to keep your workout fresh.  I recommend creating a workout that lasts 30 minutes.

You can get these at a variety of sporting good stores or on E-bay and Amazon.  Prices vary, so shop around for a good deal.  You will be glad you did.

There's more info on the next page.  Keep clicking, learning and losing weight.

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