Appetite Suppressants

I just cringe when I see advertisements for appetite suppressants.  They show images of men with big lean muscles and women with perfect bikini bodies walking down the beach.  Then they cut way to people telling us how much weight they lost in almost no time on a certain "fat burner."  No special diet programs needed.

If you are looking for this type of weight loss, just exit this site right now!  You are not the kind of person interested in life-long changes and permanent weight loss.  I wish you all the best.

If you are still here, I am truly excited for you!  You want to do this the right way.

How Appetite Suppressants Work

There are many appetite suppressant/diet pills on the market.  Many of them do, indeed, work to help you lose weight.  The problem is that you have to continue taking them if you want to keep the weight off and not actually make any personal lifestyle changes.

Appetite Suppressants get a lot of publicity, however, they are not something you want to have in you weight loss program.

The ones that work typically work by blocking the enzymes that convert glucose (sugar) into fat deposits in your body.  They also help your body produce serotonin which limits your appetite and gives you extra energy.  In turn, your body will break down stored fat deposits and burn them for energy.  This will help you lose fat and weight.  Click here for deeper analysis.

The problem, in the best cases, comes in the fact that you have to keep taking them.  If you don't you will put the weight back on.  And research shows that the majority of people actually put more weight back on than they lost

Still others work by simply amping up your metabolism chemically.  They use, primarily, caffeine.   Now, most adults have a cup of coffee or some other caffeine source to "get going" in the morning.  Not liking coffee, mine is Diet Mountain Dew (no sugar, of course).   The problem is that these pills can be easily abused.  Too much caffeine combined with being overweight and in generally poor health could lead to heart issues. 

Put simply, I just don't like them.  The risk/reward is too high for me.  Plus, they just seem like cheating; cheating yourself out of a lifestyle change that will make you healthier overall, not just having lower weight.  They remind me of athletes taking performance enhancing drugs like anabolic steroids.   Major League Baseball has outlawed stimulants for years.  It used to be accepted practice to have a bowl of "greenies" in the locker room.  The sport realized the bad long-term effects on the players along with the fact that it was cheating....even if everyone was doing it.

Do yourself a favor.  Put on your adult pants and make the lifestyle changes necessary to make your weight loss program last for the rest of your life.  It will take time and persistence, but the rewards are great without all the potential side effects.  The answers are all here on .  Keep checking out more pages!!  I will meet you there.

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