Celebrity Weight Loss Programs

Be cautious when considering those celebrity weight loss programs.  Have they been scientifically reviewed and proven to be sound?   Are they sustainable or just the next in a long line of fads/frauds that pay a famous person big money for the attachment of their name?  Even if they help you lose weight, is it in a healthy manner at a healthy pace?  In broad terms, I will explore celebrity weight loss programs and give you questions to ask/consider IF you are considering the purchase of such a program.

Celebrity Weight Loss Programs & Success

It is estimated that, in the United States alone, $60-70 million is spent on weight loss programs and products each year.  That isn't particularly difficult to believe considering that nearly 2 out of 3 people in the country are over weight.   Imagine the staggering number for the entire planet!

Whether they want to lose weight for health reasons, confidence, to look better or fit into their clothes better, all types of people purchase services like in-person coaching, full meal plans, pre-packaged foods and online support.  Wise consumers consider the various options in order to find a program that will help them meet their goals.  The biggest question that needs to be answered is, "what is success?"  In my mind, losing the weight only to gain it back again when you are done with the program is not success.  Only taking the weight off and keeping it off for the rest of your life is true success.  Find a program that burns off your excess fat and keeps it off!

Be honest, most of us know someone (perhaps it's ourself) that sees their favorite celebrity make an amazing weight transformation.  Our knee jerk reaction is to want to go out and buy whatever they used, right?  Keep in mind, a lot of these programs are short-lived.  They are not permanent.  So, I encourage you to pump that brakes on that idea. 

There is a very famous American TV host that has been quite open about her difficulties with weight management.  She has tried all kinds of programs, and her weight still is a yo-yo.  I don't personally know her, but I suspect that she has fallen into the same trap into which many people fall; chasing the latest fad. 

To lose the fat and keep it off requires a permanent lifestyle change.  Are you willing to do that?  How badly do you want it?

How To Proceed

I am not saying that every program used or endorsed by a celebrity is bad.  There are some good ones out there (mostly those created and used by fitness professionals).  Check out this link for a very detailed analysis process for you to consider.  Or, you could just stick with us here at Newleaneryou.com and follow our guidance.  I will be offering paid content in the future.  However, the site already contains all the basic information you need to drop the weight and keep it off.  Why look to someone famous when you can take the advice of someone successful instead?  I'll see you elsewhere on the site.  Let's get you started today!

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