Body Fat Loss Diet

It's daunting, isn't it; how to build your body fat loss diet.  Well, there is good news on that front.  I am going to help you do just that on this page.  So, read on.  By the time you are done, you will have the tools to put together a diet that will make you a fat burning machine.

Body Fat Loss Diet - The Basics

I will keep this simple and general (I want you to have as much control of your nutrition as possible within a structured framework).  Here are the six things you will need to do to build your body fat loss diet.

1.  Eliminate Processed Foods - Processed foods such as cold cuts, crackers, chips, hard sausages, canned vegetables (all the items you find on the inner shelves of the grocery stores) are filled with artificial ingredients that were added during manufacturing.  In addition, the quality of the proteins, fats and carbohydrates is very low.  They tend to be high-calorie/low-benefit food sources.

2.  Consume Adequate Protein - We have discussed the importance of protein in your diet elsewhere on this site with respect to building muscle.  Since many proteins take a long time to digest, they keep you feeling filled longer which helps delay those hunger pangs.  If you cannot get enough protein from your meals, be sure to add protein supplements to your nutrition plan.  Casein is one of the longest-digesting proteins and is good to use in a body fat loss diet scenario.  Whey protein isolate is the most bioavailable protein which makes it ideal post-workout.

3.  Spread Out Your Carbohydrates - Yes, you still need to eat carbohydrates even if you are trying to lose body fat.  Of course, you want to keep the amount in balance with your macro nutrients.  Also important, is to time your carb intake as dictated by your workouts.  Be sure to eat good, high-fiber complex carbohydrates like brown rice and yams before your workouts.  This will help with energy levels during the workout and keep you feeling full.

4.  Stay Hydrated - Be sure to hydrate your body throughout the day.  You should shoot for 64 ounces/2 liters of water each and every day.  Not only with this keep nutrients flowing to your muscle cells, but your stomach will keep felling full longer thereby preventing early hunger feelings.

5. Consume Some Caffeine - Now, I am not suggesting that you become a caffeine freak; particularly if you have high blood pressure on top of being over weight.  However, a little caffeine before a workout or first thing in the morning can jump-start your metabolism and get your fat-burning engine running.  Test caffeine levels that don't make you jittery.  Do what is right for you!

6.  Eat Your Vegetables - Vegetables are 100% natural (unless you eat the canned in the fresh produce section, please) and add vitamins and a level of "feeling full" after you eat them.  Nice, leafy greens like lettuce, baby spinach, broccoli and garden beans are excellent for this purpose and extremely healthy for you.  Plus, they have minimal calories for their size.


There you have it, six (6) body fat loss diet tools to help you rid your body of unwanted fat.  Here is another link from one of my favorite fitness authors.