Alternative Training Techniques

There are a ton of alternative training techniques that you can use for:  1.  Adding variety to your routines, 2.  Allowing you to keep training when you have a minor injury or sore joints, 3.  When you don't feel like going to a gym, 4.  When you don't have room for equipment in your home and 5.  Simply having not grown to like traditional weight training, but still want to grow muscle and burn fat.

Let's have a look at some of the many creative and very effective ways for you to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Exploring Alternative Training Techniques

OK, so you might not have any spare pigs to carry around like in the picture above.  However, I love this pic because it shows that there are very few limits in terms of finding ways to strength train that will work for you.  All you need is an open mind and the will to "give it a go" if you think of an idea. 

To help you out, we will spend some time here discussing possible workouts and exercises that you can use to replace actual weights.  As I mentioned, there are many, many alternative models that you can follow to get stronger and not use weights.  The most commonly used technique is to substitute your body's weight for the steel plates on barbells or weigh machines.  For almost any weight lifting exercise, there is a matching body weight exercise.  I cover this in detail on a separate page, so follow me there.

One of the newer alternatives to weight lifting is the agility ladder.  The tool, itself, has been around a while.  However, there have been some innovative trainers who have taken it beyond just using it for footwork drills.  They have adapted those footwork drills so they are useful for the upper body; essentially using the trainees' hands where their feet have been used. 

Here is an image of an athlete using the agility ladder for footwork.  These are excellent drills for lower body strength, agility, balance and cardio.  Imagine how good they would be for your upper body!!  It's easiest to watch videos to learn these so check out the footwork and handwork videos.

Some other examples of alternative training techniques include flipping tires of various sizes.  This is used by a lot of football programs for full-body fitness and strength.  Start with just a car tire and work up to larger ones.  You can get one cheap from your local tire shop.  

You can pick up a set of different size fitness or medicine balls and play catch or toss them against a brick wall and catch them.  These usually come with some instructions and suggested exercises. 

Carry firewood from a pile and create a new pile.  That is a great workout.  Anything that makes you bend, squat, push, pull or move can be turned into a workout with the right mindset.

If your dream is to get that leaner body, then don't shy away from anything that gets you moving.  Get stronger, eat right and keep variety in your fitness program

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