Abdominal Fat Loss

Let's face it, abdominal fat loss is almost everyone's ideal of getting leaner, right?  Man or woman, getting those six pack abs is what a lot of us shoot for. 

To do that, old conventional wisdom said that we needed to do a ton of sit ups.  The problem with that theory was that, if you did not get rid of the fat covering those abs, nobody would ever see all the muscle you built with those sit ups. 

Needless to say, we can help you find you way to a leaner waist line. 

Make Abdominal Fat Loss Happen

The short answer to achieving abdominal fat loss is that you can't just focus on your abs.  You have to burn fat the same way you burn fat from any other part of your body.  You must strength train with intensity and change to a proper nutrition program

There is an old saying used by outdoors men and women:  If you want to keep your feet warm, cover your head.  I have a similar analogy to burning fat:  If you want a lean stomach, workout your legs.  Why?  Your legs are the largest muscles in your body and, therefor, burn the most fat when used.  They are also the most under-trained muscles by a lot of weight lifters.  They tend to focus on arms, chest and shoulders; the muscles that look good at the beach or in a t-shirt.  Look below the waist and you will see stick legs on these people.  Not good!

The reverse is also true, to a lesser extent.  You don't want to just focus on legs.  Your body has built-in defense mechanisms that cause your brain to tell you to back off on training when your legs cannot carry you effectively (remember, we are built to be hunters and gatherers).   So, your best bet is to build muscle throughout your entire body and eat better.  Yes, this is probably a lifestyle change; the only way to make your efforts pay off long-term.

Special Considerations for Abs

So, the moral of the story is that you have to get rid of your abdominal fat by lifting weights and by eating a diet balanced with quality protein, good fats, complex carbohydrates with lots of vegetables.  Having said that, there are some exercises you should perform to make your progress more noticeable. 

Of course you will want to work your abs with crunches (never do full sit-ups), hanging leg raises, planks, leg lifts and v-ups.  You can Google/You-Tube these if you are not familiar.  Click this link for some more exercises if you want extra variety.    In addition, you will want to work your oblique muscles.  These are along either side of our rectus abdominis. 

For this, I recommend dumbbell side bends, elbow-to-opposite-knee crunches and Russian Twists (add a twist to any of the afore-mentioned abdominal exercises, really).

As you can see, burning abdominal fat is really no different from burning any body fat.  Stay focused, enjoy your new lifestyle and reap the rewards.

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